Month: February 2008


Dough Doc – Shape & Freeze Dough

This week on House Calls with the Dough Doc, Tom Lehmann, our man in the know about dough, discusses the “static freezing” technique involved in shaping and freezing dough. He’ll give us insights on temperatures, and shelf life and how to freeze your dough safely and economically.

Pizza for a cause

According to a news report from, “Wilmington native and Wright State University senior Chris Reynolds along with three classmates held a community fundraiser Wednesday evening at Generations Pizzeria in Wilmington to raise money for the Foster J. Boyd, M.D., Regional Cancer Center.”

Foodservice Menus Highlight Fresh USA Pears

Foodservice operators are discovering how fresh USA Pears can add value to dishes from salads and entrées to sides and desserts. A number of innovative chains and independent chefs have found success adding fresh pears to their menu.

World's First Prebiotic Pizza

New Orleans-based World’s Healthiest Pizza has developed the worlds first prebiotic pizza that naturally activates our immune system, increases calcium absorption and promotes optimal intestinal health.

More dough for your pizza?

According to a news report from, “The next time you order a sweet roll or a tray of pizza, it may take a bigger bite out of your billfold.”

A Greener Grill

Over the past 7 years, Evo Flattop Grills have been helping people cook the foods they love and share the cooking experience with unmatched design and performance.

Extend the life of your countertop griddle

Foodservice investments like countertop griddles have the potential to last many years in commercial kitchens– as long as they are setup properly and regularly maintained. The guidelines for proper setup and maintenance are basically the same for both gas- and electric-powered countertop griddles.

Biggest Pizza, Biggest Pizza Day

Grafton Square convenience store owner Mike Beaudoin is celebrating his own version of “giant” success on Super Bowl Sunday. Beaudoin partnered with franchisor Hot Stuff Foods of Sioux Falls, S.D., to offer the largest pizza in the nation on the biggest pizza sales day of the year.

Ask The Experts with John Keiley

This week on Ask the Experts we’ll be speaking with John Keiley who runs Johnny’s New York Pizza in Lakewood, Colo. John will tell us about a unique marketing strategy he’s developed through the uncanny use of the front window of his store. Tune in to to hear his unique story.