Evo offers efficiency, reduced air pollution, and longer life span

(Beaverton, OR, March 1, 2008) Over the past 7 years, Evo Flattop Grills have been helping people cook the foods they love and share the cooking experience with unmatched design and performance. For consumers looking to buy a more environmentally-friendly gas grill, Evo outpaces traditional open-flame grills in three areas:

  • First, Evo is more efficient than open-flame grills, capturing the heat under the steel cook surface rather than letting it escape through the grates into the atmosphere. Evo requires less time to heat up and uses less fuel (as much as 50% less) to cook a meal. Moreover, the ability to cook an entire meal on Evo—from appetizers through dessert—means that fewer appliances (and less energy) are required.

  • Second, Evo emits less smoke and particulates into the air than open flame grills and cooks cleaner, keeping foods separated from the flame and therefore from becoming fuels that burn and smoke on traditional grills.

  • Third, Evo is designed to last for many decades, thereby reducing landfill volume normally generated by short-lived open-flame grills. Evo’s closed design prevents debris from destroying igniters and burners and corroding metals, which can trigger disposal in just a few years. Evo’s longer life-span means it won’t become another throw-away among the record 17.4 million grills shipped in 2007 alone.

About Evo. Since 2001, Evo has set the trend for social, live-action cooking appliances at major hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, dining halls and banquet facilities, and the homes of food-conscious consumers. Evo offers a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor circular flattop cooking appliances that inspire and encourage social cooking. Visit www.evoamerica.com for more information.

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