Social Media Debates Strawberries on Pizza

Forget pineapple, strawberries are the latest target in the pizza topping wars.

Strawberry and basil pizza

Earlier this year it was pineapple that people were up in arms about, now it's strawberries. 

What exactly do people have against fruit?

Food & Wine posted a story noting the social media reactions--both negative and positive--to the idea of strawberries on pizza. 

Some folks just couldn't wrap their head around the idea of putting cheese and fruit together, while others offered up more fruity ideas, such as grapes and grapefruit.

Similar stories covering the world-halting topic of strawberries on savory pizzas were posted by Time, Fox News, and Mashable.

You know what this means, right? It's time to make an awesome strawberry-topped pizza and call up your local and national press!

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