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Liguria Foods Introduces All-Natural Pepperoni

Food company develops 3 varieties of natural nitrate-free pepperoni for pizzerias

In support of consumers shifting preference toward healthy and fresh food, Liguria Foods has developed three varieties of natural nitrate-free pepperoni for pizzerias.

As with all Liguria products, Liguria All-Natural Pepperoni is made from the freshest ingredients sourced from long-time area farms.  Liguria All-Natural Pepperoni is made with the same coarse grind of the purest pork plus beef and all-natural seasonings. The authentic old-world recipe is strictly followed as Liguria never cuts corners. This consistency ensures the delicious taste of every Liguria pepperoni remains the same.

The primary difference with Liguria’s All-Natural Pepperoni is how it’s preserved in the curing process.  Because nitrites are not added the pepperoni is considered by the USDA to be uncured.

“The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Joseph Henry, Liguria’s Senior Vice-President of Sales & Marketing.  “As more pizzerias look for healthy alternatives, including organic vegetable toppings, gluten-free crusts and fresh tomato sauce, the Liguria All-Natural Pepperoni helps give us a better story to tell customers.”

The line-up of all-natural pepperoni from Liguria Foods includes:

  • Liguria All-Natural – The premium choice crafted with the same taste profile as the company flagship Liguria brand.
  • Liguria Prima Qualita – Offers a classic taste and with a redder appearance and spicier kick.  There are three varieties of Liguria Prima Qualita: Spicy, Smoked and Regular.
  • Liguria Anti-Biotic Free – The healthiest alternative offering the great, traditional pepperoni taste.

For more information or to request samples, contact Liguria Foods at www.liguriafoods.com.

About Liguria Foods, Inc: Liguria Foods provides premium quality dry sausage toppings, including what many consider to be the market’s best-tasting pepperoni. Since its founding in 1974, Liguria Foods has been dedicated to the foundation of recipe formulation. The classic recipe combines distinctive spices, enticing color, and a consistent blend of meats, providing customers with the same performance and flavor every day. The dedicated production process merges the best modern technology with traditional touches like a redwood drying room, resulting in consistently delicious products. For 40 years, Liguria Foods has provided pizza lovers with enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, sharing a passion for the best-tasting pepperoni and Italian meat products.

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