Best of Show: Fancy Foods Show 2018

PMQ staffers report on the latest moneymaking products from one of the industry’s most innovative shows.


Mooney Farms/Bella Sun Luci

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Richie from Mooney Farms and discovered their California-grown products: Bella Sun Luci Premium Sun Dried Tomatoes. The Bella Sun Luci line offers ingredients that are perfect for a delicious pizza. Imagine the possibilities with these chef-quality sundried tomatoes, sauces and cuts. Their products offer many choices, including custom cuts, traditional sundried tomatoes and semi-dry varieties, as well as all-natural, preservative-free, extra-moist, ready-to-eat tomatoes in resealable pouches.



Plentiful Pantry

Plentiful Pantry has so many wonderful and beautifully packaged items, but the Pizza Kit was the main one that caught my eye. Each kit includes a pizza dough mix, sauce mix and a can of tomato paste. The Pizza Kit yields a 14” pizza that can feed four people. Why not add revenue by offering these pizza kits to customers when they come to pick up pizzas? Your patrons can use them to make pizza at home or give them to their friends as gifts. 




How could I resist this sparkling beverage as I walked past the Lemoncocco booth? Naturally light and noncarbonated, Lemoncocco combines the refreshing flavor of Sicilian lemons with a smooth splash of coconut cream in one delightful Italian drink. Inspired by the lemon and coconut stands you’ll find on the streets of Rome, these beverages come conveniently packed in aluminum cans for easy transport, so they can be added to your delivery operation. Give your pizzeria a dash of true Italian flair with this new beverage!

(206) 624-3357,


Fogliani Foods 

The husband-and-wife team of Christian and Kristina Fogliani started this company in 2015. Their goal: to prove that a cookie could be made for the mass market without compromising homemade taste and quality. The Fogliani Pizzelle cookies offer a great way to add an authentic Italian dessert to your menu, upsell your customers and increase revenue. Made fresh in California using the old Italian recipes passed down from Christian’s grandparents, this Italian cookie will delight and impress your customers. The Pizzelle comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Anise.


Di Stefano Cheese 

This family-owned dairy company in southern California makes a variety of Italian cheeses, but what drew me to their booth was the Caciocavallo. The cheese gets its name and unique shape by traditionally having been tied at the end and hung around the necks of horses, leaving the signature bulb on top of the teardrop-shaped cheese. Di Stefano took it to a whole new level by wrapping this cheese around fruits to impart a citrus flavor throughout the product. It’s great for any pie, from a veggie to meat lovers, adding the subtle hints of fruit without overpowering the taste buds.



Ferrarelle Water 

First bottled in 1893, Ferrarelle is a naturally effervescent water from deep under the ground in Italy. Naturally rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, silica and bicarbonate, Ferrarelle is a natural way to quench your thirst while enjoying a delicious Italian meal. It comes in both natural and sparkling varieties and is also great for use in pizza dough, allowing for a clean, natural flavor in any type of dough you create.


Cup4Cup Gluten Free

As the name suggests, Cup4Cup flour blends can be substituted for any all-purpose or whole-wheat flour in any recipe, including cookies, biscuits, cakes, quick breads and pasta, and still deliver on flavor, texture and performance. Eliminating the need for tiresome conversions and complicated recipes, Cup4Cup has also created a line of baking mixes covering an array of baked goods, including pizza crust, cornbread, pie crust, pancakes and waffles, and chocolate brownies. 



Jenkins Jellies 

Actress Hillary Danner started making jellies using fruits and vegetables from her home garden and hasn’t looked back since. The original product, Hellfire Pepper Jelly, used seven types of peppers and organic sugar and has evolved into flavors such as Fiery Fig, Passion Fire and Guava Brava. All the jellies are naturally vegan and gluten-free and taste great on many different dishes, including pizzas. They provide that kick in the mouth, thanks to a blast of heat that is quickly cooled with a little sweetness from the organic sugar.  



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