This Week in Pizza | July 26, 2017

Will the Trump Administration Make Tip Pooling Legal Again for Restaurant Owners?

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After six years of federal restrictions on tip pooling at restaurants, President Trump’s Labor Department is taking a second look at the Obama-era rules. A proposed regulatory change would legalize tip pooling for restaurants that pay the full minimum wage to tipped employees, such as servers and bartenders. But even if the rule gets changed, the NRA still wants its day in court over the issue.

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Is It Time to Give Your Pizzeria a Makeover?

Larger brands refresh their stores every seven years or so. As an independent operator, you need to keep your concept fresh and exciting, too. Mike Rasmussen asks the questions you need to ask yourself to decide if it’s time to give your pizzeria a makeover.

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Are You Proofing Your Dough Balls Correctly? (Sponsored)

Your pizza crust is what your patrons remember, so it’s important that it is executed correctly. Make sure you are maintaining consistency by reviewing AK Crust’s reference guide on How to Achieve Perfectly Proofed Pizza Dough. This quick read will help you confirm your staff is taking the right steps every time.

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Raising “Kneaded Dough” for the SPCA

Like a loyal dog, Pizzeria Locale is the best friend SPCA Cincinnati could ask for. Two Pizzeria Locale restaurants in that city ran the “Kneaded Dough” promo last week, in which customers mentioned SPCA Cincinnati while placing their order and 50% of their order was donated to the nonprofit.

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