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Hot Products at NAPICS 2014

Members of the PMQ staff review cutting-edge moneymaking products at the 2014 North America Pizza and Ice Cream Show.

Linda's Picks

LoTech Sales

I was instantly drawn in to the LoTech booth by Bev’s contagious smile and their unique offerings. LoTech is known for their imprinted plastic utensils customized with your business logo to use in-house or as giveaways. Their latest line includes beautiful laser-printed bamboo tongs, spoons, spatulas and more. Even the most detailed logo or photograph can be printed on each utensil. If you want your customers to keep and use your promotional giveaways, these classy yet functional bamboo utensils will complement any kitchen. 800-285-0199, lotechsales.com


PizzaInsurance.com knows pizza. A division of The Upton Group, it’s the only insurance company created by a former pizzeria owner and serving only pizzerias nationwide. Specializing in pizza restaurant insurance, this full-service agency can meet all of your unique insurance needs. The pizza industry has my heart, so the background of founder Jason Upton, with 23 years in the pizza business and 17 of those years as an owner/operator of six locations across Alabama, truly tugs on my strings. He knows the ins and outs and ups and downs in a way that only a former operator can. 800-251-7407, pizzainsurance.com

Tommy's picks

Giuseppe’s Pizza & Subs

Of all the breads and crusts I sampled at NAPICS, the samples offered up by family-owned and -operated Giuseppe’s Pizza was the one that made me come back several times. With more than 42 years in the restaurant business, they have been producing pizza dough/crusts for more than a decade and have mastered the craft. They offer fresh frozen dough balls, presheeted dough and par-baked crusts. They’re also great for breadsticks or garlic bread. 440-773-3535, giuseppespizza.com

New Method Printing 

New Method Printing launched its new digital pizza box program at NAPICS. What I liked is that operators can upload any image they want to use and have it go from their computer straight to the pizza box. This saves operators the cost of print plates and lowers the cost to produce custom boxes. You can also get custom print no matter how many box sizes are used or change your box to advertise monthly specials or promotions. Their new digital box programs offer unlimited colors and small, detailed designs with high precision. 937-324-3838, newmethodpackaging.com

The CycloMop

I first came across the CycloMop at NRA and again at NAPICS. This is a true example of “building a better mousetrap.” It’s not the cheap knock-off you’ve seen on infomercials; rather, it’s an industrial-grade cleaning tool. Having mopped my share of restaurant floors, what I like about CycloMop is that employees never have to touch contaminated handles, buckets or mops. Simply take your foot and pump one or two times while the mop is in the bucket, and it cleans and dries itself. See their video at PizzaTV.com or their ad in the digital edition of PMQ, and you’ll understand why I made this one of my top picks. 419-525-1010, cyclomop.com

Anna's picks

ChiBacon by Heilman Foods 

What makes everything better? Why, bacon, of course. In a show stuffed with frozen treats and pizza, ChiBacon—bite-size pieces of chicken tenderloins that are marinated, wrapped with bacon, battered and breaded—stood heads and tail feathers above the other offerings. The bacon was cooked with a good texture and flavor, and the chicken was moist and tender. I love this product and would love to see it as an option in my local pizzeria. If I were you, I’d call your food distributor today and request they carry ChiBacon. 610-392-4153, heilmanfoods.com

New Business Now

Who doesn’t need new business now? Jim and his crew help you to specifically target the new potential customers moving into your neighborhood. His direct mail targeting strategy gives your pizzeria the edge on creating lifelong loyal customers. With a choice of targeting new homeowners with a weekly or monthly service or new movers with a monthly service, it’s easy to customize a plan to work within your budget. I was impressed with how engaging and attention-catching his direct mail pieces were, especially with the personal letter and the attached coupon. 888-582-0101, new-biz-now.com

Infinite Creative Enterprises

I.C.E. specializes in large, full-color LED electronic message outdoor signs. Their booth is eye-catching with flashy displays, but it wasn’t the big signs that grabbed my attention. It was the simple Glowrite write-on/wipe-off illuminated sign that kept drawing me back in. This simple yet effective 19”-by-25” sign will capture your customers’ attention with specials and promotions. It comes in three sizes and is available single- or double-sided, and it’s affordable for even the smallest pizzeria shop. 603-347-3005, icesigns.com

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