""According to the Los Angeles Times, “Pizzeria Mozza and the Bazaar by Jose Andres are like the most popular kids in high school. Sushi Zo proves that it’s what’s on the inside — not the outside — that counts. It’s getting cheaper to eat out in L.A. (although not by much). In-N-Out burgers reign supreme. It’s hard to get good service these days.”

“And food trucks — duh — are hot. Those are just a few of the highlights gleaned from the latest Zagat survey of more than 10,000 local diners, covering 2,016 restaurants in Los Angeles and other regions of Southern California and compiled into the Zagat 2011 dining guide. Tim and Nina Zagat — the founders of the burgundy pocket guide that pioneered “user-generated content” before that term even existed — were in town this week to chat about the new guide, as well as dining trends.”

“First up: How relevant is the Zagat guide in a world where everyone seems to be a restaurant critic with an online soap box? The Zagats say social media have been a boon for what they do, and the proliferation of online restaurant chatter only helps them stand out more in the crowded marketplace. “We have one of the highest-grossing apps for iPhone,” Nina Zagat said, and more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.”

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