For the opening of a new Slice House by Tony Gemignani location in Folsom, California, San Francisco’s globally acclaimed pizzaiolo introduced a new pizza that’s right up Buffy Summers’ alley.

The Grandma-style Vampire Killer Pizza is topped with locally grown black garlic, Italian sausage and Gemignani’s own brand of hot red-pepper oil made with Calabrian chilis and honey from El Dorado Honey Co. in El Dorado County, California.

The new Slice House store in Folsom has been so busy, customers can thus far only place their orders in the store. The restaurant has been too overwhelmed to fill online, phone and third-party orders, although Slice House’s website says those options will be available soon.

The Folsom store opened with considerable fanfare on February 3. Franchise owner Sandeep Gill will run the location, which represents “a hugely significant milestone for us given [that] it expands our footprint in the San Francisco Bay Area into other parts of Northern California, where we are lucky to have such a strong following,” Gemignani said in a statement.

This screen shot of a video shows Tony Gemignani making the Vampire Killer pizza.

Slice House by Tony Gemignani / Instagram

The Vampire Killer pizza will be exclusive to Slice House in Folsom and available only by the slice. It was “inspired by Sandeep’s love of garlic and all things spicy,” Gemignani noted.

As always, this Slice House store offers an expansive menu that includes Gemignani’s New York, Sicilian, Grandma, Detroit and California pizza styles.

Slice House has 100 units open or under development in five states. In a March 2023 interview with the Sacramento Business Journal, Gemignani said he sees the Sacramento area as a potential “hotbed” for Slice House franchises.

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