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Submit your 3-minute routine with good lighting, sound, and spectacular spinning by May 17th, 2021, for your chance to win cash prizes and the title of Acrobatic Spinning Champion.


Third place will receive $500, with second place getting $1000. The grand prize of $1500 goes to the Virtual Acrobatic Pizza Spinning Champion!

For more information about the VAPSC, rules and registration, visit uspizzateam.com/vapsc, or contact Brian Hernandez at brian@pmq.com or 662-234-5481 x129.

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Never lose a call              1-866-511-5521
        Never lose a web order        

Because if your phones and web ordering are down,
 you may as well send everyone home.
We become your phone company and provide a backup Internet connection.

Webinar Apr 22nd here on PMQ

Using phone technology to increase revenue, lower costs and manage traffic during emergencies (and the “Every Friday is an emergency” issue).
How cellular backup Internet can help eliminate costly outages.
Advanced messaging, “press one if you have arrived for curbside pickup” etc.
Allowing people to work from home to take phone orders.
Centralized call handling—not just for the big guys!  From 2 to hundreds of locations.
Plus a discussion of how PizzaCloud can help lower cost, increase 
revenue and eliminate downtime from Internet outages.

Click Here to Register for webinar

Click here for more information on PizzaCloud

IP Phone Service
Increase revenue and lower cost
-No Busy Signals.
-Call Recording.
-Call Queuing / Auto-Answering.
-Multiple (random) start-of-call upsell messages.
-On-hold music/message loops.
-Detailed reports—hold times, lost calls etc.
-Callerid delivered to POS system.
-Auto-attendants—”If you have arrived for curbside pickup press one” .


Cellular Backup
Protect Against Outages
When your Internet fails our cellular.
backup router keeps your phones, credit card processing and web orders all working.
The backup kicks in automatically in seconds.  So quickly you will not even drop calls in progress when your primary Internet goes down!
The same router can be used to create chain-wide virtual private network to connect your locations.
SD-WAN LTE/LTE-A (4G/5G) modems. 

People ask “What makes PizzaCloud different than hundreds of other modern phone companies?  Why not just get my phones from Comcast, Spectrum or some other cheap provider?”
The answer is simple: Because PizzaCloud is focused solely on your industry, and we have customized our offering to fit your needs.  Other companies may have similar features, but they just set you up with a basic call flow and leave it at that.  It is up to you to TELL THEM how to configure things. 
With PizzaCloud we talk to you then make strong recommendations based on the results from thousands of other pizza shops.  With PizzaCloud you will get far more “bang for your buck”.
With PizzaCloud you are not talking to a huge call center…you reach someone who knows who you are and will “take ownership” or your requests and issues. Our people and our attitude make the
difference.  Google “pizzacloud reviews” to see what our customers say.

Let PizzaCloud do the same for your stores. 

Here is just one of our many 5 star reviews (google “pizzacloud reviews”):
“Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to PizzaCloud during the pandemic. We have been busier than ever the last couple of days and their phone service has really helped organize & explain our ever-changing workflow with customized greetings. It seems like every night I email them a new script for the changes we have been making to our setup (Curbside pick-up & Contact-free delivery & No cash since last week). Yesterday they added an auto-attendant that allowed Curbside Customers to press #1, which would alert us with a different ringtone…genius! My employees can focus on their normal duties since PC is explaining everything before the phone even rings. I switched my phone service to them a couple years ago and it has been great! We have converted many phone customers to online ordering by promoting “there is never a line when you order online ” during on hold messages. Also the phone sound quality is incredible & the ablility to record calls is a game changer. Finally, the cost is reasonable and in my case I actually saved money and got alot more services than my old phone company. Cellular backup included too. Thanks PizzaCloud!”

Call Center capabilities for one to thousands of locations!
Call centers are not just for “the big guys” anymore!

In-House call centers (Your staff).  Maintain control, and get the calls off the front counters.  For a small chain all you need is a large office at one location.  Cut labor hours up to 50% and/or shift labor to lower cost regions while increasing average ticket.  Eliminate the constantly ringing phones at the front counters!  Tight integration allows calls to overflow to stores, so you can choose when to staff the call center.
Out-Sourced call centers (other people’s staff).  The same tight integration, same detailed reports and call recordings in your hands, same ability to overflow back to the stores, but you let some one else hire and manage the staff.  We can provide this service to you or work with your existing call center provider. 

If you have any interest in call centers call us to discuss options
or visit www.pizzacloud.net to register for a webinar.


Click Here to Register for webinar

How can PizzaCloud help with things like curbside pickup and constantly changing rules and guidelines?

“Thank you for calling Super Pizza.  If you have arrived for curbside pickup, press one now.  To learn about contactless delivery and what we are doing to keep you safe press two.  To place an order press three”
so…caller presses one because they have arrived for curbside pickup.  We can ring the same phones, but put this caller at the head of the queue so they are the next one answered, or ring the cordless phone the “runner” is carrying.

We will create professional messages and hold music/message loops for you, or you can do them yourself from any phone, or even remotely. 

How can PizzaCloud increase revenue?
Several ways:
1) Are your customers getting busy signals?  We give you a minimum of ten lines , more for larger locations.  Every busy signal is a potential lost order, even a lost customer.
2) Multiple start of call “upsell” messages, randomly selected for each caller.  So one might hear “Thanks for calling Super Pizza.  Try our new cheesy breadsticks”.  Next caller might hear “Thanks for calling Super Pizza. Add a family sized salad for just $5.00”.  These messages raise your average ticket.
3) Call queueing and auto answering.  Best way to explain that is an example.
Caller hears a random start of call message, then they hear ringing and the phones start to ring.  If you do not answer in say three rings the system answers with a message like “Sorry for the delay.  Please stay on the line and we will be with you as soon as possible”, then hold music/message loop.
So…from the callers viewpoint they were answered and on hold.  But your staff did not have to interrupt the person they were speaking with, put them on hold, pick up another line, put that on hold and go back to the first line.  You let the system juggle the calls.

That way, most of the week, most of the calls the caller hears an upsell message, one or two rings then you answer.  But Friday night is Friday night, and when you are backed up the system kicks in.  If that means you do NOT lose say ten orders a week due to not answering the phone in time, how much does that add to your bottom line?


Simple reports show you how good a job your people are doing answering calls

Call recordings available for immediate review.  You can search  by time, caller name/number and more.

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