In this installment of PMQ Live Marketing Masters, Steve Heaney of Minuteman Press joins PMQ Publisher Steve Green to discuss a program that, when combined with direct mail, can see a 20% to 25% increase in results for a single campaign.

Dynamic Direct Mail is a proprietary system created by Minuteman Press, It adds social media, electronic and digital tools to supplement and make direct mail much more effective by quantifying results and determining ROI (Return on Investment). It specifically includes internet ads, social media, call tracking and mail tracking.

“There’s an assumption out there that printers are always going to sell printing, and I would tell people that it’s absolutely one of the tools, but, as the owner of printing companies, I would not tell you it is the end-all, be-all,” Heaney explains. “It is a multimedia thing. It is this large set of individual separate nets, and direct mail is a hunting trap – you are trying to get to a very particular demographic.”

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