For the March 2024 issue of PMQ, Sarah Webster-Norton of Serving Those Serving sat down with PMQ’s Brian Hernandez to get to the bottom of mental wellness in the industry, some causes, some solutions and a whole lot of knowledge in between.

While the industry itself hasn’t changed much, how we deal with it definitely has. Whether we partake of the occasional drink, drug or extreme sports to take the edge off a long shift, even some of those outlets for stress relief have changed. Easy access to illicit drugs in the industry has always been there, but some of those drugs are more dangerous than the human body can handle.

In the above discussion about mental wellness in the restaurant industry, Webster-Norton breaks down some of the new dangers related to some of today’s coping mechanisms and what we need to do to combat this growing threat.

Serving Those Serving  is dedicated to the social, mental and physical welfare of the service industry, employees and employers alike.

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