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A great marketing tool used for years by companies/service providers that rely on repeat business has been the imprinted yearly calendar.

Your advertising dollars work hard all year long. Your menu, your specials, your logo and your message in your customers' faces, which keeps your restaurant on their mind.

Done correctly, meaning if the calendar is a "keeper", there is no better and cost effective way to ensure your name and message is always in front of your customers. Set your pizzeria apart from the rest by getting out of the flyer drawer. When they choose to hang your calendar you are no longer just another advertiser, you are now an invited guest.


  • Seeing your name on a regular basis sends a subjective message. It's your food they want.
  • Your message is always handy. When your customer wants to order they know exactly where to find you.
  • As your customer receives your calendar gift you benefit immediately from increased good will.
  • Calendars distributed during December and January with pick up and delivery orders are a direct, low-cost method to advertise with results all year long.

Now, there is an even better reason for making an imprinted calendar your pizzeria's most important marketing tool. My Pizza Promo Inc. has created a stunning wall calendar with a full page for your personalization. Your advertising dollars work hard all year long. Your menu, your specials, your logo and your message in your customers' face which keeps your restaurant on their mind. The calendar is titled "The Essence of Italy" and reflects the true feel of Italy, seductively suggesting Italian food. Beautiful, romantic and timeless, this calendar is a true "keeper" with high profile marketing that your customers will use repeatedly and love.

On average, it can cost at least six times as much to find a new customer than it costs to influence an existing customer to increase their order frequency. No advertising is cheap if it's thrown out and no advertising is expensive if it works.

Being at your customer's home and/or office assures that you are always top-of-mind when it's time to order. Existing customers are your most receptive and valuable asset. Let My Pizza Promo Inc. influence them to remain loyal and order more often.

Call My Pizza Promo Inc. at 1-866-889-8745 or visit for more information.

Ask also to receive your FREE 2006 Marketing calendar. It's full of special marketing suggestions and prompts you to plan ahead for all important selling opportunities.