Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas movies out there. There’s no doubt that millions of people will fire up the movie in the coming days to soak up the nostalgia oozing out of the 1990 film, based in the suburbs of Chicago.

In a particularly memorable scene, lead character Kevin McAllister (played by Macauley Culkin) orders pizza from Little Nero’s Pizza, a fictional pizza parlor. That pizzeria is now being brought to life, at least for a couple of weeks, at Easy Street Pizza in Park Ridge, Illinois.

According to an Instagram post created by Easy Street Pizza’s social account, the shop has become Little Nero’s Pizza through December 31. A video in the post shows the exterior rebranded to Little Nero’s, with a slew of interior decor inspired by the classic film.

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While Easy Street Pizza’s regular menu is still available, there are some additions, too, including “Kevin’s Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese and toasted ravioli,” among others, according to NBC Chicago.

There are also Home Alone-themed cocktails, including the Wet Bandits Hot Chocolate and the Uncle Frank, which is made with whiskey, brown sugar simple syrup, black walnut bitters, orange peel and cranberry.

An Instagram post showing off Easy Street Pizza redecorated as a Home-Alone themed pizzeria.

Takeout pizzas will come in a special Little Nero’s Pizza box, which even includes the pizzeria’s slogan from the movie: “No fiddlin’ around.”

Though many people opt to pay with debit or credit cards, those visiting Easy Street Pizza over the next couple of weeks may opt to pay in cash. That way they can include a “keep the change, ya filthy animals,” to celebrate the season—and the timeless classic.