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Pizza Hut Hatches a Clever Stunt to Reward Delivery Drivers

Pizza Hut customers can roll out the "Reverse Delivery" doormat to reward all hard-working delivery folks with free pizza during the holidays.

At a time of year when delivery drivers’ jobs are tougher than ever, Pizza Hut has come up with a clever stunt to reward them all—not just those who work for the chain—and to get them hooked on its pies.

Last year, there were more than 11.7 billion mail pieces and packages delivered during the holiday season, the United States Postal Service (USPT) reports. That means thousands of delivery drivers, from mail carriers to FedEx and UPS employees and others, work extra hard in December to deliver joy to families across the country. For USPS mail carriers, the load has gotten even heavier in recent years, thanks to the relationship between the post office and Amazon.

Obviously, Pizza Hut knows a thing or two about delivery. The company says its drivers deliver more than 110,000,000 pizzas to customers every year. To thank delivery drivers from all walks of life during this super-busy period, Pizza Hut has rolled out the new “Reverse Delivery” doormat, which will give these hard-working package-bearers a free package in return—a free box of pizza, that is.

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Starting on December 6, customers can order the new “Reverse Delivery” doormat and leave it on their doorsteps to help spread joy to delivery drivers for the holidays. Fifty mats a day will be offered through December 10 on a first-come, first-served basis via the website.

Here’s how it works: The doormat features a code that scans directly to After scanning the code, any delivery driver can redeem a gift card code from Pizza Hut while supplies last. Although the doormats will only be offered through December 10, delivery drivers can scan the QR code for the gift card code through December 27 or while supplies last.

“Many of us look to delivery drivers to deliver joy during the holiday season,” said Pizza Hut CMO Lindsay Morgan. “This was our chance to give some cheer back in the form of a delicious meal for delivery drivers to enjoy during their busiest time of the year.”

Pizza lovers can also treat themselves and their whole squad with Pizza Hut’s seasonal offering, the Triple Treat Box, which has returned to menus for the holidays. The Triple Treat Box, available now at participating Pizza Hut locations nationwide, features a holiday-themed box complete with two medium, one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks and ten Cinnabon Mini Rolls. The bundle deal starts at $24.99 for a limited time.