Pizza Hut Employees Fight World Hunger, Wear Bikinis reports, “A local Pizza Hut is ranked number one in their franchise when it comes to raising money to end world hunger, but they’ve gotten there through some unconventional means.”

“They call it a comedy car wash.  Male employees of the Greenville Pizza Hut on Greenville Boulevard dressed in bikinis to wash cars and raise money for World Hunger Relief 2011. Women also dressed in white t-shirts and basketball shorts. The single Pizza Hut location rose close to $2,000 for the World Hunger Relief movement.  It’s money, they say, goes a long way. ‘$1 helps feed four children and it doesn’t just help feed four children here, it helps feed four children all over the world and Pizza Hut is really big, standing behind world hunger and we’re trying to put a stop to it and that’s our goal,’ said Daniel Barrett, General Manager of the Pizza Hut location.”