Pizza Drivers' Suit To Be Class Action

According to, “Class-action status has been granted a federal lawsuit filed in Minnesota contending that Domino’s Pizza undercut delivery drivers’ ability to earn the legally required minimum wage because the company doesn’t reimburse them for travel expenses.”

“The ruling last week by Judge Donovan Frank means the suit can potentially cover 22,000 current and former Domino’s drivers in nearly every state in the country, according to Nichols Kaster, the Minneapolis law firm representing the plaintiffs. ‘The whole point of having a minimum wage statute is to ensure that people actually have the minimum wage in their pocket at the end of the workday,’ said E. Michelle Drake, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “‘Domino’s puts money in drivers’ pockets with one hand, and then takes it out with the other by requiring drivers to shoulder some of Domino’s costs of doing business.'”