• Noble Pie Parlor is testing out a trend predicted by Food & Wine with a new brunch offering at one of its two locations in Reno, Nevada.
  • Menu items include avocado toast, cinnamon-and-sugar ricotta knots and deep-fried pizza dough topped with scrambled eggs.

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Noble Pie Parlor is bringing brunch back to one of its two locations in Reno, Nevada, boasting a slew of menu items created with weekends and warmer weather in mind.

Food & Wine has listed “a bigger focus on breakfast and brunch” as a key restaurant trend for 2022, with more Americans working from home since the pandemic and getting into the habit of morning meals. At its Summit Mall location in south Reno, Noble Pie Parlor is looking to test that trend on Saturdays and Sundays this summer. Along with bottomless mimosas, Noble Pie will offer new menu items that include:

Avocado Toast: Toasted House Of Bread Challah, fresh avocado with white balsamic, spring mix, Tabasco-pickled red onions, grape tomatoes and sweet basil vinaigrette. Guests can add a fry-basted egg, southern-style slow-scrambled eggs and/or applewood bacon.

Sweet-Cinn Ricotta Knots: Fried pizza dough filled with ricotta, cinnamon-sugar and agave nectar, topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of fresh fruit.

Pie-Face Brunch Slice: A massive slice with a bianco base (ricotta whipped with roasted garlic olive oil, fresh garlic and Italian herbs), it’s topped with Boar’s Head prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, caramelized onions, a fry-basted egg and spicy hollandaise.

Fry Bread Pizza: This deep-fried pizza dough, described as “golden, crispy and delicious,” is topped with southern-style slow-scrambled eggs, green bell pepper, yellow onion, grape tomatoes, mozzarella and the guest’s choice of protein.

Country Fried Bacon BLT:  This item features hand-breaded, thick-cut, country-fried bacon, a spring mix lettuce, grape tomatoes, mayo and sweet basil vinaigrette. Customers can add the avocado mash and a fried egg to kick it into overdrive. It’s served with a side salad or fritte hash and hollandaise.

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