Life would not be complete without ice cream and now there is a decadent delight to tantalize the adult palate–wine ice cream.  Stop by Booth 1016 to discover a completely new ice cream experience.  Mercers Dairy is introducing Wine Ice Cream. 

This new product uses milk from the dairy farms owned by Mercers Dairy partners and wine from New York State wine producers.  This wonderful marriage between two of the largest segments of New York state agriculture industry has resulted in a sumptuous ice cream that has 5 per cent alcohol content by volume and not just flavoring but a gourmet adventure.  Mercers Wine Ice Cream is now available in three flavors — Port, White Zinfindel with peach segments and Raspberry Chardonnay. 
The development process of Mercers wine ice cream involved input from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation on wine varieties, combined with Mercers expertise in ice cream making to create this new sophisticated dessert.    Mercers is releasing this new Wine Ice Cream for sampling at the 2007 International Restaurant and Food Service Show.  Mercers can also be reached at or 315-771-5185, contact Roxaina Hurlburt, Marketing Director.

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