Mark’s Pizzeria has some half dozen locations in and around Rochester, New York, the beloved city it calls home. Recently, the pizza brand launched a campaign to show just how much it cares about the local Rochester-area community.

Mark’s Pizzeria has been teaming up with the local fire departments to help test residential smoke detectors. The partnerships started last year between Mark’s and firefighters in the Ridge Road Fire District in Rochester. This year, Mark’s expanded the program to the North Greece and Barnard Fire Districts as well.

The playbook is quite clever: If you order a pizza from Mark’s, firefighters deliver the pie and test the home’s smoke detectors. If the smoke detectors are, in fact, working, the household gets a certificate good for a free pizza from Mark’s Pizzeria.

“This time of year is where a lot of batteries die,” Jason Steenwerth, business accounts manager at Mark’s Pizzeria, told WROC. “They always say check your smoke detectors. We just want to give back to the community to save lives.”

One of the local residents who was able to cash in on the offer was Charles Ross, a local homeowner. “It made me feel good,” Ross said. “It made me feel like the community cares and somebody was out there checking my home besides me because we forget sometimes, so it was a nice treat.”

Ross’s glowing review may be something for other pizzerias to take note of. Keeping the community safe is never a bad idea—nor a bad way to spread the word about a local pizza place.

Mark’s Pizzeria was founded by Mark Crane in Palmyra, New York, in 1982. The 41-year-old brand once expanded to nearly 30 locations in the area. It has since contracted to a smaller unit count, but still serves up tasty pies, subs, wings, calzones, salads and more.

Mark’s Pizzeria has a history of donating to local organizations, including area EMTs and cancer foundations—to name just two.