• Ledo Pizza, a regional Maryland chain, will bring back its annual Pink Pizza Box in October to raise money for local charities that support those affected by breast cancer.
  • The Pink Pizza Box is designed to hold Ledo’s 18″ pizzas and is expected to raise $10,000 for eligible nonprofit organizations.

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Ledo Pizza, headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, wants its customers to think pink throughout October and join the chain in raising awareness of breast cancer.

October is both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Pizza Month. Every year, Ledo Pizza, which has more than 100 locally owned locations in seven states, celebrates both occasions with its Pink Pizza Box initiative. Once again, Ledo Pizza will turn its 18” pizza boxes pink to honor cancer supporters, fighters and survivors. In addition to raising awareness about the disease, the brand will use the promotion to raise funds for local charities that support those affected by breast cancer.

The company said it will donate a portion of the proceeds of every Pink Pizza Box sold in October, with a commitment to contributing a total of at least $10,000 to eligible nonprofit organizations in its communities. Each benefiting charity will be selected by the Ledo Pizza Franchise Advisory Board.

The promotion will run at all Ledo Pizza locations from October 1 through 31.

“During October, behind every Ledo Pink Pizza Box will not only be our famous, fresh, square-shaped pizzas, but also an opportunity to support the local lives who have been impacted by cancer,” Jamie Beall, CEO of Ledo Pizza, said. “From this initiative, we want to bring awareness to the many wonderful cancer-fighting organizations within the community and hope to provide a beneficial effect for the families and their loved ones as they find the road to recovery.”

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