Kens Foods Offers Eight Great Variations of Caesar Dressings

Marlborough, MA (February 6, 2007) – Ken’s Foods, a leading manufacturer of salad dressing and sauces, launched a new line of premium Caesar dressings.  Differing flavor preferences in various regions of the country has driven Ken’s to create this wide selection of Caesar dressings.  This new line of dressings was developed by chefs and is made from only the finest ingredients. 

The eight dressings in this lineup include:
Roman Caesar-Full-bodied and tangy yet nicely balanced with Parmesan, anchovy and spices in a smooth, salty background.
Special Caesar -Fresh flavor and bouquet enveloping pronounced cheese and garlic with light anchovy notes.
Classic Caesar -A creamy delight on its own or as a base, with aromatic anchovy, garlic and lemon top noted by Parmesan and a hint of Worcestershire. 
Totally Caesar -Balanced, creamy egg, soy and olive oil accented with subtle anchovy, Parmesan and cracked pepper.
Tableside Caesar -Hand finished style with chewy accents of red pepper alongside rich Parmesan and hints of anchovy and lemon.
Gourmet Caesar-Creamy, full flavored with grated Parmesan and Romano, light buttermilk notes, up-front lemon and anchovy characteristics.
Deluxe Caesar -A separating, tangy vinaigrette with pronounced Romano, garlic and anchovy.
Creamy Caesar– Lightly blended vinaigrette presenting savory spices with pleasant Romano and anchovy top notes.
“With eight distinct flavors of Caesar dressing foodservice operators have the opportunity to rotate different dressings for menu variety,” noted Chris Murphy, Corporate Chef.  “The different variations allow for flexibility and customization for any salad or entree.”
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About Ken’s Foods
Ken’s Foods is a leading manufacturer of salad dressings and sauces, as well as mayonnaise, mustard & vinegar.  Ken’s uses the finest possible ingredients in the most distinctive dressing recipes to produce over 400 varieties of dressings and sauces.  The family owned and operated company is headquarted in Marlborough, MA with plant operations in Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV.  For more information about Ken’s Foods, visit www.