Idea Zone March 2014

Where is your phone right now—in your pocket or sitting on the desk next to you? Ninety-one percent of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7. What if your customers had a logo on their phone reminding them of your pizza shop every time they swiped their screen? What would you have to pay to get that type of exposure with traditional media?

If you are looking to increase sales and improve customer engagement, a mobile app built for your company is a logical move in a world where there are five times as many cellphones as there are PCs and 25% of Americans use only mobile devices to access the Internet.

Innov8 Marketing is a full-service mobile and digital marketing company dedicated to the success of small business pizzeria owners. “We’re in business to give small business owners a chance to compete with larger chain brands,” says Phil Westrick, director of client success for Innov8 Marketing. “The big boys have been improving their digital offerings over the past few years, and it’s becoming a particularly competitive advantage to have a mobile solution in place.”

Innov8 Marketing has a unique Five-in-One Mobile Marketing Platform, giving you a complete mobile solution. The platform can increase your average order size with a Mobile Food Ordering system, improve customer loyalty with your own Mobile Loyalty system, and streamline your Dine-In service with your own Mobile Reservation system. Innov8 customers also benefit from the easy-to-use Mobile Content Management system and unlock impressive customer engagement with their built-in Mobile Messaging system.

The Innov8 Marketing platform was built to be managed easily by business owners. Your app will be set up for you, including your own branding and menu options. Any changes that are needed are easily made via the online Content Management system. “We’ve tried to make everything as easy as possible so that our clients can focus on servicing their customers and improving their business,” Westrick explains. Some changes can also be made via Innov8 Marketing’s iPad management app.

Attending the International Pizza Expo? Please visit Innov8 Marketing at booth 939 to view a live app demo and receive special show-only pricing. Readers can learn more about deploying a mobile app by going to or by calling 866-724-0505.