Hungry Howie’s is now testing a new Pizza Party Planner calculator prototype that will officially launch in late spring, the company said in a press release.

The new online calculator is designed to enhance and simplify the experience for customers planning large events by calculating the recommended amount of pizza they should order based on the number of guests and their age range. Hungry Howie’s, known for its wide range of flavored crust options, will also offer Party Platter side items like Party Salads, Howie Breads and Howie Wings that can be added to the main meal.

“With Hungry Howie’s celebrating 50 years of being in business, it makes sense to launch a Pizza Party Planner calculator to help bring back nostalgic pizza parties in a less-stress, modern-day way,” said Jeff Rinke, vice president of marketing at Hungry Howie’s.

“Knowing how many pizzas to order has been a challenge for generations, but now customers can eliminate the guesswork,” Rinke said. “With our Pizza Party Planner, customers can easily determine how many pizzas and platters are needed to satisfy their guests without the fear of ordering too much or too little.”

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Once launched, customers will be able to access the Hungry Howie’s Pizza Party Planner calculator online via computer or mobile phone. When visiting the website, customers will be able to plug in how many people they are feeding, split by the number of adults, teens and children, and check a box if they’d like to include additional slices for extra-hungry guests. Once the information is plugged in, the Pizza Party Planner will accurately calculate the appropriate number of pizzas to order, the company said.

Hungry Howie’s currently has more than 530 stores in 21 states across the U.S. Its eight flavored-crust options include Butter, Asiago Cheese, Cajun, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Garlic Herb, Ranch, and Italian Herb.


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