Designing a better pizza box topper

Members of PMQ’s Think Tank swap tips for designing a box topper that helps you sell more pizza!


Georgiascp: I’m trying to redesign our box topper and could use some inspiration or ideas. What do you guys put on your box toppers? I have attached a picture of our current box.

Warren: I used to drive for an independent store in Las Vegas. Instead of toppers, we spent $30 on the biggest rubber stamp we could find and stamped the inside of the lid with the store’s name and number. As for toppers, you may want to have two or three different ones. If someone orders, say, a medium two-topping pie for $8.99, give them a bundle offer with pop and breadsticks for $10.99 or $11.99. If someone orders two pizzas, they get a two-pie bundle offer. This may help raise tickets by creating offers based on what they ordered.

URNUTS: When I would print 50,000 toppers, I never printed 50,000 of the same version. I always mixed it up, doing five versions at 10,000 each. I’d mix them up, so I knew that a variety of toppers was going out. I wanted the same customers to get a different version each week, even on the same order.

bodegahwy: When we print box toppers, we usually do a run of 40,000. They cost about four cents each in full color. Each one has four offers, so placement cost is about one cent per coupon. In the past, I have taken the various offers we have out there and looked at how many times they are used vs. the cost to produce and distribute them. Box toppers were easily the best deal of all of our coupon placements. The only downside is that they really do not reach new customers.

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