City remembers pizza parlor owner Ray Lackey

According to a news report from, “He was a basketball player, a motor home enthusiast, a former state lawmaker and the man credited with bringing pizza to Statesville. But to his five grandchildren, Village Inn Pizza Parlor owner Ray Lackey was simply “Pappaw Ray.”

“Lackey, 82, passed away at his home Saturday,” said the story. “My grandfather had a personality so big in size, it was only rivaled by his love for a good cheeseburger,” said Ray’s grandson, Miles Lackey, who delivered the eulogy at Lackey’s funeral service Tuesday. “He would definitely be there to pick you up, no matter how many times you fell down. Each of us knew his love, and he made each of us feel like we were his favorite.” The son of Earl and Bessie Childers Lackey of Alexander County, Lackey worked most of his life. At 8 years old, he was bagging groceries at a nearby corner store, his grandson said. He also had a paper route.”

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