Best of Show: The AnaCapri Foods 2019

PMQ’s staff reviews the best and most unique products from the annual AnaCapri Foods Show.

PMQ attended the 2019 AnaCapri Foods Show, held May 6 in Jersey City, New Jersey, and uncovered a wide variety of amazing products and services that can help you make more money and sell more pizza in 2020. This year’s event featured dough-throwing, point-of-sales demos and giveaways (including tickets to New York Giants and New York Jets football games). Best of all, more than 75 leading industry vendors were on hand to showcase high-quality imported and domestic foods and equipment, marketing services, new technologies and more. Here’s our take on some of the top products on display at this one-of-a-kind industry event.  


Steve’s Picks
Steve Green, Publisher

5 Stagioni

5 Stagioni, an Italian flour company, has been used by pizzaioli around the globe. I was pleased to get a chance to sample the oven-fired pizza made by Chef Gregorio Fierro using this high-quality flour. Fierro is a native of Naples, and yet he speaks fluent New York. “There’s nothing better than a piping-hot pizza made with 5 Stagioni with a view of Manhattan,” Fierro says. AnaCapri now carries 5 Stagioni’s 5 Seasons flour.


Slice takes the tech tools that big chains use and designs them for small pizza shops. From online ordering to marketing expertise, Slice’s team helps independent shops grow—and they do it at the lowest rates in the industry.


Unified Office

Unified Office Total Connect Now, with its patented Visual Performance Suite (VPS), is a powerful “business class” communications managed service and analytics software that helps franchise owners and store managers drive revenue capture, increase operational effectiveness and create a winning store culture.


Chris’s Picks
Chris Green, PizzaTV Reporter

Rosina Food Products

There are some iconic pizzerias out there that only serve pizza—not that there’s anything wrong with that. But Rosina Food Products and I know you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Rosina has been helping pizza places complete their menus since 1963. Rosina is a leading, innovative frozen specialty-food products manufacturer centered around Italian fare serving pizzerias, supermarkets and supercenters around the world.

Aunt Butchie’s

When adding a dessert option to your menu, there are a few factors to consider: How does it taste, and how easy is it to incorporate into the menu? I didn’t know this dessert option existed, but I’m glad I found out. Aunt Butchie’s almond cheesecake cones check all the boxes—they’re amazingly delicious, keep well frozen and can be served frozen. 

Platinum Choice Bancard

I agree with Platinum Choice Bancard that if you’re not accepting credit cards in your pizzeria, you are alienating half of your potential customers—plus it’s just silly. Platinum Choice Bancard has been setting pizza places up for success for a long time. They stand behind their service so steadfastly that, if you already accept credit cards, they guarantee you $500 that they can beat your current rate! 


I had a chance to sample Toscana’s Buffalo-flavored mozzarella, and it was apparent they had put a lot of thought into it. This delicious product is unique to the market. The harmonious blend of culture straight from Italy and domestic milk creates an exquisite flavor profile. Toscana offers premium-quality European-style cheeses, from fresh mozzarella, curd and ricotta to naturally smoked cheeses and flavored mozzarella.

Tower Isles

I was intrigued by the quality and exciting flavors that Tower Isles provides with their signature Jamaican-Style patties. They’ve perfected the art for over 50 years. They provide grade-A USDA beef with fresh island spices, certified-halal beef, chunky white chicken breasts and even a cheese and pepperoni option to integrate deliciously into your pizza menu.