Month: November 2011


A Dash of Drama in the Pizza World reports, “A heady perfume of cheese, tomatoes and crispy coal-fired crust wafts onto the sidewalk of Old Fulton Street, intoxicating enough to cause tourists to snap pictures and queue in stomach-growling anticipation.”

Pizza Joint Seeks Student Creativity reports, “A design contest sponsored by upcoming Italian restaurant Amore de Roma Pizzeria is encouraging creative UNLV students to submit designs for the venue.”

GQ Interview: No "Sissy Pizza" For Cain

GQ reports, “In mid-October, well before the allegations (of sexual harrassment) started to break, GQ sent correspondent Chris Heath, senior editor Devin Gordon, and food critic Alan Richman to Seventh Hill in Washington, D.C., the best pizza joint in town, to have a Sunday-afternoon pizza party with the GOP’s surprise front-runner. Within minutes of sitting down, we discovered one reason why Cain has done so well despite crossing so many lines: No matter what blunder or offense pops out of his mouth (and plenty do), it’s awfully hard not to like him.”

Thanksgiving Pizza Arrives At Pizza By Cer Te reports, “Pizza by Cer Te has started offering Thanksgiving pizza this week, according to their twitter. Topped with turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes, cranberries, gravy and mozzarella, the slice sounds like the most delicious gut bomb ever! A call to the store told us the special is supposed to last through next week, and the slice will run you $3.95.”

PizzaTV: Orlando Pizza Show 2011

Relive the excitement of the Orlando Pizza Show with footage from all three days of competition. For more check out the November 2011 issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine and find additional footage on