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A Dash of Drama in the Pizza World

"" reports, “A heady perfume of cheese, tomatoes and crispy coal-fired crust wafts onto the sidewalk of Old Fulton Street, intoxicating enough to cause tourists to snap pictures and queue in stomach-growling anticipation.”

“But few know the gritty, gooey story behind Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, the internationally recognized Brooklyn hot spot at the center of a changing season in the New York pizza world. Its current owner, Frank Ciolli, after a contentious relationship with the landlord, had been scheduled to move the pizzeria on Tuesday to a corner property a few doors away, by the Brooklyn Bridge. But the opening of the new Grimaldi’s was postponed as the Ciolli family dealt with a dispute with New York City over its oven and the sudden death of Mr. Ciolli’s youngest son. In place of Grimaldi’s on Old Fulton will soon be a new pizza shop, yet one with history, as Patsy and Carol Grimaldi return to the storefront they left when they sold the business to Mr. Ciolli in 1998 after eight years there.”