The owners of Pizza Supreme Being have handed down a new commandment: Thou shalt not order via third-party platforms.

The popular Sacramento pizzeria made the announcement recently on Instagram, and the response from followers suggest they are on-board with the decision. The March 28 post garnered 1,113 likes.

It’s unclear which delivery partner Pizza Supreme Being had been using. But it’s obvious the restaurant’s management was unhappy with the results they were getting from what’s described as “a third-party courier service.”

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The post cited delayed orders, theft and pizzas that never made it to customers among the problems Pizza Supreme Being has encountered. And that kind of service reflected poorly on the pizzeria itself.

The third-party ordering system had been integrated into the pizzeria’s Square point-of-sale system, the post notes. “However, there’s a common misconception that these deliveries are carried out by our own employees. This has led to misplaced blame on us for any delivery issues, including delays, failures, theft, or problems of any kind. Recently, we’ve even experienced incidents of deliveries being sent to incorrect addresses. Due to these ongoing challenges, we’ve decided to discontinue this service.”

Located near the California State Capitol Park, Pizza Supreme Being is a punk rock-themed pizza shop that opened in April 2019 and expanded in August 2023 by taking over the deli shop next door. Co-owner Ben Roberts switched to carryout-only during the pandemic, then brought dine-in service back after moving into the larger space. “I miss having people sit there,” Roberts, who formerly played in a punk-rock band, told last year. “I miss laughter and seeing first dates.”

“I legitimately run this brand like I would a hardcore band or like a skateboard company,” Roberts explained to KQED in April 2023. Every specialty pie is “like a single for a band.”

One of those specialty pies, the Hawaiian, features Spam, along with pineapple, jalapeños and a three-cheese blend. More recently, Pizza Supreme Being collaborated with Camellia Coffee Roasters to create a “breakfast sandwich pizza” featuring housemade pork sausage, scrambled eggs, a three-cheese blend, green onions and Cholula ranch.

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