David Smith takes home the prize for top pizza pie

""Oxford, Miss. (September 17, 2007) – David Smith of Smith’s Pizza Palace Plus ( in Emporium, Pennsylvania, became the American Pizza Championship (APC) Winner with his tantalizingly tasty Cajun Chicken pizza at this year’s Orlando Pizza Show hosted by PMQ’s Pizza Magazine and held in conjunction with the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show September 7-9 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Smith started the day by winning the APC Semi-Finals, and just when his excitement started to settle, he beat out the APC undefeated champion, Jason Samosky, and the Roma Pizza Contest and APC finalist winner Leah Scurto, crowning him the Best Pizza Maker in America! Now David will advance to the America’s Plate Competition at PMQ’s New York Pizza Show in March 2008 where he’ll compete against at least seven other countries for the title of World’s Best Pizza Maker and, Smith’s goal from the beginning, he’ll represent America in the upcoming European competition. “I’m still ecstatic,” says Smith. “My results in Orlando will be hard to match in future competitions.”
Smith and his wife Marlene have owned Pizza Palace Plus since August of 2001 and have a tradition of hand-tossing their homemade dough. Smith began competing when he was looking for a new way to promote his business. Now he participates in competitions across the eastern United States and has won several awards.

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David Smith’s Winning Recipe for Cajun Chicken
Ingredients for a 14-inch pie:
18 oz. dough ball
¾ c. Cajun Sauce (made from ketchup, brewed coffee, olive oil, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, crushed garlic, oregano, bay leaves, paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, lemon juice and rosemary)
10 oz. shredded mozzarella and/or provolone cheese
6 oz. chicken breast, marinated in soy sauce, with fajita and Cajun seasoning, pre-cooked and cubed
¼ c. precooked bacon, chopped
½ c. chopped celery
Parmesan and/or Romano cheese
Oregano and/or basil
Bleu cheese dressing
Toss out dough onto 14-inch diameter screen
Spread Cajun Sauce on dough
Cover sauce using half of the shredded cheese
Evenly distribute chicken, bacon and celery on top of cheese
Add remainder of shredded cheese
Sprinkle Parmesan/Romano, oregano/basil
Bake in preheated oven at 500F until crust and bottom are brown
After baked, drizzle with bleu cheese
About the U.S. Pizza Team
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About America’s Plate
The America’s Plate is an International Culinary Pizza Competition that is held in New York City every March at the New York Pizza Show. The trophy “Plate” now resides in Spain after their team was awarded the coveted prize for being judged the Best Pizza in the World, following a two-year streak from the Australians, which had taken the “Plate” each year prior. Each participating country has a structure of sanctioned competitions from which the best pizza team emerges. All the teams then converge on New York to battle for the chance to take home the prize. For more information, visit

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