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How to Easily Achieve the Perfect Pepperoni Slice

This easy-to-use automatic slicer was designed for pizzeria chefs who want only the freshest ingredients on their pies.

The new Razor’s Edge automatic pepperoni slicer was designed for pizzeria chefs who want only the freshest ingredients on their pies. After all, freshness is everything. Pepperoni is a deli meat, a cold cut. And the best cold cut is a fresh slice.

When pepperoni is sliced fresh, it’s at its very best. With this slicer, you can buy pepperoni in stick form, keep it fresh and slice it seconds before it goes on your pies. As shown in the video above, a typical stick of pepperoni has a round and pinched end. To slice it, all you have to do is lift out a carousel counterweight from a tube, drop in a stick of pepperoni and put the counterweight back in.

It doesn’t matter which end you put in first. The machine will slice either way and will slice the entire stick with no waste. You can slice only as much as you need, whether it’s one, two or three sticks or even one-half of a stick or less. The machine will slice up to 75 slices per minute. Again, slice what you need when you need it, and keep it fresh.

When setting slice thickness, it’s important to note that each one-half turn of the dial equals 1/32″. There’s a detent built into the dial. You will feel and hear the click of the detent every one-half turn, which coincides with the numbers on the dial indicator.

For example, let’s say you want your standard slice thickness to be 2/32″. Start turning the dial counterclockwise, one-half turn, until you hear and feel the detent click. This puts you at position No. 1, which is 1/32″. Another half turn puts you at your desired thickness of 2/32″, or position No. 2.

You can now turn on the machine. While the machine is slicing, you can walk away until the slicing is done.

When the counterweight handles are at the bottom of the tube slot, the pepperoni sticks are completely sliced. Now you can dump the sliced pepperoni into a serving bowl and return the drop pot back to the slicer, then continue to slice based on need. The fresh-sliced pepperoni looks great and is easy to handle.

To take full advantage of the slicer, it’s strongly recommended that you offer your customers an optional extra-thick slice of pepperoni. The Razor’s Edge slicer will slice up to one 1/2″ thick pepperoni in 1/32″ increments. Extra-thick slices of pepperoni are often very desirable. And the money you generate offering the extra-thick slice will also pay for the machine.

This slicer was designed to be both easy to use and easy to clean.To clean the slicer, you remove the tube carousel by loosening the lock nut, then lift and turn the clamping dial one-quarter turn until the pins line up with the slots. Lift off the tube carousel and wash either by hand with a bottle brush or put it in a dishwasher to clean the blade. Just lift up the blade guard, turn the guard clockwise until it clears the blade, and clean with a cloth and a grease-cutting cleaner of your choice.

If you decide to purchase the optional carousel for French-cut pepperoni, it is totally interchangeable with the standard slice carousel. Just remove the standard carousel and install the French-cut carousel along with the same counterweights used in a standard slice carousel.

The Razor’s Edge automatic pepperoni slicer is proudly made in America.To get yours, call 716-681-1634.