Pizzeria Owners Wage War of Words with Blogger

According to AZFamily.com, "Everybody’s a critic and, these days, more people are posting their opinions online."

"One Valley man did just that after dining at a local restaurant but he never imagined the response he would get to his bad review. It is the case of the pizza that sparked thousands of words. Joel Latondress, an IT worker who writes a recipe blog and likes to dine out, ordered a margherita pizza at Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale on Saturday night. Latondress says, “I don’t think the pizza was the worst pizza by any means, it was just how unwelcome I felt at the restaurant.” He says he was "immediately underwhelmed" and wrote as much publicly on the open-review website yelp.com. What happened after can only be described as a war of words and it played out online."

"Amy says, 'I’m not going to lay down and let people write what they want to write about me.' She posted her own response on yelp in which she likened Joel to a tramp and a loser writing, 'Do us a favor and keep your ugly face and your ugly opinions to yourself.'"