Pizza Nova, the venerable pizza chain with more than 150 stores and concession locations in southern Ontario, Canada, has turned its well-known TV commercial jingle into a ring tone in celebration of its 60th anniversary.

The famous “439-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh Pizza Nova” jingle became available via Spotify, Apple Music and the iTunes Store in early February. It serves as “an ode to the company’s heritage and passion for family, friends and delicious pizza,” according to a press release.

“Good things last,” Domenic Primucci, president of Pizza Nova, said. “Looking back, we’re extremely grateful to my father and our founder, Sam Primucci, for inspiring the creation of a jingle that reflects the timelessness and quality of our pizza and is woven into the fabric of our communities. These are classics—for both the tastebuds and the earbuds.”

Created in 1987, the legendary jingle was written and produced by Syd Kessler, sung by Canadian musician Alfie Zappacosta and has been used in the company’s advertisements ever since.

The ringtone launch kicked off Pizza Nova’s 60th anniversary celebration that will run throughout the year.

“We’re setting the tone, so to speak, and can’t wait to share with you what’s next,” Primucci said.

Sam Primucci was recently shortlisted as a top 75 finalist for this year’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards. He was 12 years old when his family immigrated to Canada from Palazzo San Gervasio, Italy. He and his brothers launched Pizza Nova in May 1963.