Following in the footsteps of major pizza chains like Domino’s and smaller rivals like MOD Pizza, Pieology recently announced changes to its loyalty program that will make free food easier for customers to obtain.

Pieology’s brand-new initiative, “Pies and Perks,” is designed to enhance its Pie Life Rewards program. Between November 8 and December 31, all existing Pie Life Rewards Members and any new Pie Life Rewards member will receive the brand’s “Pies and Perks” loyalty status. Guests with Pies and Perks status will instantly begin receiving a daily “perk” of their choice, including a side salad, fresh-baked cookie or non-alcoholic beverage, alongside their “Craft Your Own Pizza” purchase.

In addition to everyone being able to reap the benefits of Pies and Perks this year, Pieology Pizzeria is rewarding guests who indulge in any Craft Your Own Pizza this year with Pies and Perks for all of 2024. In other words, Pie Life members who purchase a Craft Your Own pizza by December 31 unlock perks with every Craft Your Own pizza purchase through December 31, 2024.

“I am proud to announce ‘Pies and Perks’—the latest addition to our innovative ‘Pie Life Rewards’ loyalty program,” said Shawn Thompson, CEO of Pieology. “As we continuously introduce exciting new menu items, the daily perks provide an easy way to explore everything that Pieology has to offer.”

With one free perk per day, members have the flexibility to indulge in a different treat with every visit, whether it’s a refreshing beverage, a delectable cookie, or a crisp side salad.

To be eligible for the Pies and Perks status, guests must be a Pie Life Rewards Member. Customers can sign up online or via the brand’s mobile app.