According to, “The recession may be officially over, but a pizzeria recognizes that even in posh suburbs, people might be hurting.”

“So every Wednesday, The Original Joe’s Pasta n Pizza, 3809 Colleyville Blvd., is allowing customers to order an Italian pie (usually $2.25 a slice) or fettuccini al fredo with shrimp ($11.95 on the menu) and ‘pay what it’s worth,’ owners Lee and Emma Herdman said. ‘We have great faith in our customers and we wanted to do something that was affordable for everyone,” Lee said. “People told us they would like to eat out during the week but wanted something affordable.'”

“The special has run the past two Wednesdays, and the British-born couple say that it has added about 60 diners each night. The Herdmans are the third owners of what was the first of what are now several Joe’s pizzerias across Tarrant County. All are individually owned and operated, said Lee, 38, a professional soccer player-turned-financier-turned restaurateur. Emma operated Brownlows Brasserie, a continental restaurant just outside London, before they emigrated, first to Florida, then to Texas.”

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