When the Kansas City Chiefs square off against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football next week, we know who Taylor Swift—and millions of her adoring fans—will be rooting for. But what about the other woman in Travis Kelce’s life—Donna Kelce?

Donna is the mother of Travis, who plays tight end for the Chiefs, and Jason Kelce, the Eagles’ center. If she has a favorite son, she has kept mum about it, even when the brothers played against each other in the most recent Super Bowl.

But it’s no secret that she’s a Papa Johns booster. Prior to the Super Bowl in February, Papa Johns honored Donna’s loyalty to both sons by delivering her a one-of-a-kind pizza—half BBQ for Kansas City, half cheesesteak for Philadelphia. Papa Johns also offered all customers 25% off a BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza or a Philly Cheesesteak Pizza during Super Bowl weekend.

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This photo shows a BBQ Chicken pizza and a Philly cheesesteak pizza on a table flanked with plastic bottles of Mountain Dew on the left side and Pepsi on the right.

Papa Johns

As the brothers get ready to face each other on the gridiron again on November 20, Papa Johns and Donna have joined forces to create a bundle deal that celebrates both Kelce boys. Ideal for Super Bowl parties, the bundle pairs a Philly Cheesesteak pizza and BBQ Chicken pizza, plus four 20 oz. Pepsi products, for a price of $39.99.

The limited-time offer will be available from Thursday, November 16, through Monday, November 20.