MOD Pizza continues to outpace other top restaurant chains in growth, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. MOD’s sales grew by 44.7 percent in the year ended December 2018 to a total of $390.7 million, after growing by 80 percent in the previous year.

The Bellevue, Washington-based pizza chain opened a net of 98 restaurants  and ended 2018 with 395 stores.

MOD is part of a growing breed of businesses—called social enterprises or mission-driven businesses—that focus in part on a social mission or address a social problem in their community. In addition to partnering with Generosity Feeds to package free meals for food-insecure children in markets around the country, MOD also practices impact hiring, providing jobs for people who have struggled with mental illness, disabilities, homelessness, substance addiction, and incarceration.

“We strive to provide people with an opportunity to improve their lives by offering them a job and focusing on where they want to go, not where they have been,” MOD Pizza co-founder and CEO Scott Svenson has said. “By surrounding them with acceptance and opportunity and modeling what it means to do the right thing, we believe we are providing the platform upon which the MOD Squad can thrive.”

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