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Australian Pizza Workers Help Deliver a Very Special Order: a Newborn Baby Girl

The staff at Coco’s Pizza, located in Penfield, Australia, helped deliver a special order for a 17-year-old customer on Saturday: a spanking-new baby daughter named Tshieba.

The pregnant teenager, identified only as Santanna on Coco’s Facebook page, reportedly walked into the pizzeria that night, clutching her stomach, and asked for help as she went into labor. She ended up delivering the baby on the pizzeria’s floor with help from Coco’s employees and a team of paramedics.

“She walked in and was grabbing her stomach, and she said, ‘Can you please call an ambulance? I think I’m having a baby,’” Coco’s owner, Paul Yarak, told the Adelaide Advertiser. “She laid on the floor and … one of my staff, who is a mother … she just got into midwife mode, and she stayed with her while I was on the phone to the ambulance, counting her contractions. The paramedics talked us through what we needed to do.”

Once the paramedics arrived, the young mother was ready to push while the pizzeria employees stood around her, holding up a screen for privacy.

“When the baby cried, I was cheering,” Yarak recalled. “[The woman] did an amazing job. She was very brave.”

During the labor process, Coco’s Pizza posted a photo of the scene on Facebook, depicting the paramedics and the staff members with the screen, with the mother discreetly out of sight. A later photo showed the baby in the mother’s arms.