Month: November 2007


Missing £1m treasure found in pizzeria

According to a news report from, “The missing part of a 17th century cabinet worth £1m has been found outside the toilets of a pizza restaurant in Yorkshire.

USA: Pizza Fusion to open new locations

Pizza Fusion, the leader in environmentally sustainable restaurant practices in the US, will be opening several new locations throughout the south and northeast United States over the next six months, and thereby will introduce four states to their first ever LEED certified restaurants.

Make and Take Gourmet and Old Forge Pizza Express Team Up

Make and Take Gourmet (, a fast-growing meal preparation franchise that has already opened 23 locations across the country in their first year, signed a nationwide licensing and marketing agreement with Old Forge Pizza Express ( to co-brand and offer Old Forge Pizza Express bake-at-home pizza throughout Make and Take Gourmet’s network of stores.

Pizzeria delivers a lesson to children

According to a news report from, “Brianna Baez could only stare at her pizza. The pile of pepperoni and sausage — towering above mounds of mozzarella — was almost too impressive to eat.”

Ask The Experts with Peppe Miele

Peppe Miele is the president of VPN Americas LLC. His restaurant, Antica Pizzeria, in Los Angeles, was the first restaurant in the US certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association in Naples, Italy as serving authentic Neapolitan pizza. Peppe will tell us what constitutes authentic Neapolitan, how it is made and why it is important […]

The Value of Mentors

Benjamin Franklin once said, “there are two ways to acquire wisdom; you can either buy it or borrow it.” By buying it, you pay full price in terms of time and cost to learn the lessons you need to learn. By borrowing it, you go to those men and women who have already paid the price to learn the lessons and get their wisdom from them.

The Equity in Quality: Boost the Bottom Line Through Performance

The Disney Company re-releases a fifty-year-old animated film, and it makes millions. Apple creates a cell phone, and the world holds its breath. Toyota makes a hybrid car, and in the era of $4 per gallon gasoline the Prius becomes a legend. Performance Enhancement or Marketing Splash?

The Five Pillars of Digital Marketing

Advertising today is experiencing a period of profound and accelerated transformation. Technologies such as blogs, podcasts, and streaming video are permanently changing consumer attitude and behavior. The good news is that this transformation creates opportunities for everyone in terms of advertising. The key, however, is to integrate the tried and true “old media” outlets with the emerging “new media” to get more consumer engagement and better results from your advertising dollars.