This Week in Pizza

This Week in Pizza – August 7th, 2013

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This Week in Pizza

Is it possible to make a "healthier" pizza – complete with the most popular toppings – without sacrificing all that salty, cheesy deliciousness? The European Union (EU) has a plan to do just that. The project, called PLEASURE, aims to develop food processing technologies and procedures that reduce sugar, salt and fat in prepared foods. The process would be similar to those specialized techniques used to reduce the sugar content in apple juice. EU researchers also want to use hydrostatic pressure to improve the dispersion of salt or fat within a product – a better distribution of these ingredients, they believe, could reduce the total amount by 30 percent without affecting the taste.





Let Your Customers Tell Your Story

Including customer feedback and stories about your pizzeria in your marketing materials can do a lot to make someone want to try your restaurant. Sharing true stories about your customers makes them feel involved while conveying important information about your pizzeria and clientele in the process. Need feedback? Distribute forms on your tables and include a disclaimer stating that comments may be used in your marketing materials.

Find out more at The Pizza Insider.

This Week In Pizza

Today on This Week In Pizza: Fist Fights at Chuck E. Cheese; An App for Leftover Food; and How Pizza Toppings Reflect Our Personalities

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Parents Act Out at Chuck E. Cheese's

When fights break out at a Chuck E. Cheese store, it's often the adults-not the kids-who throw the punches. Incidents of adult violence have been reported this summer at Chuck E. Cheese locations in Brookfield Township, Wisconsin, Long Island, New York and Boynton Beach, Florida. In one case, a woman was caught on video holding a baby in one arm and swinging a fist with the other. The Boynton Beach violence involved 18 men, while 20 people joined in the brawl in Brookfield Township. According to a psychologist interviewed by HLN TV, the pressure of hosting birthday parties for kids, combined with the crowds, noise and long lines, likely contributes to the violence.


Pizza Without Borders:
China's Weird Take on Salad Bars

Pizza Hut stores in China are removing their salad bars as customers show a preference for building their own architecturally wondrous "salad towers," looming piles of fruits and veggies precariously balanced on a single salad plate. The trend evolved in protest of the company's policy restricting diners to one trip to the salad bar.

Read more at Pizza Without Borders.


A Pair of Pies for Lollapalooza

Just in time for this year's Lollapalooza music festival, Pie-Eyed Pizzeria in Chicago broke out a pair of Lolla-pies. As Redeye Chicago reports, one specialty pizza, inspired by Nine Inch Nails, is called "The March of the Pigs" and features Black Forest prosciutto, hot capicola, pepperoni, garlic and pepperazzi peppers. Another pizza – called the Desert Sun Pie – pays tribute to Queens of the Stone Age and features extra-virgin olive oil infused with ancho chili peppers, cactus, Vidalia onions and red, orange and yellow peppers.


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