This Week in Pizza – August 28th, 2013

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This Week in Pizza

Giulio's Pizzeria in Dunellen, New Jersey, has a message for youths with saggy britches: Butt out. The restaurant's manager has placed a sign on its window that reads, "Saggy Pants Prohibited On These Premises. Please Pull Up Your Pants Before Entering." Maria Herrera, whose family owns the restaurant, said they'll still let anyone in, but those who refuse to hike up their drooping trousers won't get served. One customer told that every restaurant should have such a rule, adding that he didn't much like eating lunch "while seeing someone else's dirty laundry."





How to Make Headlines

The Dirt Road Cookers broke the Guinness World Record for world's largest commercially available pizza earlier this month. The pie, which measured 46.64 square feet and weighed 100 pounds, earned them press coverage in their hometown and as far away as Israel and India. You could garner almost as much press just by trying to break some kind of pizza-related record and alerting the local media. You don’t have to succeed – the attempt itself is newsworthy! So what pizza-related record will you try to break?

Learn more at The Pizza Insider.

This Week in Pizza

Today On This Week In Pizza: A Ban on Saggy Pants; PETA Targets California Pizza Kitchen; and Cancer Surgery Successful for "Send Pizza" Girl

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Good News For "Send Pizza" Girl

Hazel Hammersley, a two-year-old girl with cancer, made national headlines a few months back when her mom jokingly hung a sign that read "Send Pizza" in her hospital room and received dozens of pies in response. In a new development, Children's Hospital Los Angeles announced that doctors successfully removed Hazel's stage 3 neuroblastoma in a five-hour surgery last week. Little Hazel faces more procedures and chemotherapy in the coming months, but she'll soon be heading home at last. Once she has fully recovered from the operation, her mom, Laura Hammersley, says, "We'll have a big pizza party."


Pizza Without Borders
Pizza Hut Prank Sparks Weird Video

When a Pizza Hut Japan employee tweeted a photo of his face encased in pizza dough and the image went viral, the chain felt obliged to issue a public statement in the form of – what else? – a really weird video. In that surreal style unique to Japan, the video features computer-animated reenactments of the prank and bizarre imagery of pizzas on fire, dive-bombing birds and a man with a Pizza Hut logo for a head.


Hotel Phone Offers One-Touch Pizza

Here's an idea inspired by the telephones at the Country Inn & Suites in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Every phone there has a button that simply says "Pizza." Push the button, and it automatically connects the guest to a local pizzeria. It makes ordering pizza easier for the guests and frees the hotel staff up for other work instead of taking questions about where to find good food locally. If you want to increase your delivery sales, approach hotels or hotel chains in your area and offer to partner with them in creating "pizza phones" for their guests – with a direct line to your pizzeria, of course!


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