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This Week in Pizza – August 14th, 2013

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This Week in Pizza

Powered by Halibut

Something about Domino's "Powered By Pizza" TV spot smells fishy to folks in Alaska. The spot describes pizza as the inspiration behind many of society's greatest innovations. At one point, a man takes a bite of white fish, then quickly spits it out with a look of disgust as the narrator intones, "No one's coming up with a world-changing idea over halibut. No way." Since halibut is big business for Alaskans, the state's fishing industry cried foul, but a Domino's spokesman explained that halibut is just "a funny-sounding word." Alaskans have responded with a campaign slogan of their own: "Powered By Halibut."



Getting the Most from Social Media

 Most businesses now have Facebook and/or Twitter pages, but are you using them to their full potential? Did you realize that 70% of fan questions on social media are ignored? It's a clear sign that while social media can be a good way to build a following, if you aren't paying attention to what fans and followers are saying, you can end up losing customers because of it. Some of the most important things to remember about social media are to keep it active, make it relevant, and create something engaging.

Learn more at The Pizza Insider.

This Week In Pizza

Today On This Week In Pizza: Domino's Ad Offends Alaskans; New Aurelio's Pie Inspired By Customer; Palermo's Pizza Agrees to Union Vote

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San Diego Pizza Better Than New York's?

What city is home to the best pizza in the U.S.? If you started to say New York or Chicago, forget it. According to a survey by travel site TripAdvisor, top honors go to … San Diego? New York City only took the fourth-place spot, trailing Las Vegas at no. 2 and Boston at no. 3. Rounding out the top 10 in order were Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Phoenix. The results were based on reviews and opinions by TripAdvisor travelers. Both Chicago and L.A. were left off the list entirely. "Some of America's best pizza is being tossed on the West Coast, which flies in the face of the common perception that pizza is only a Northeast or Midwest specialty," a TripAdvisor spokesperson said while announcing the survey results.


Pizza Without Borders
Milan's First Speakeasy Pizzeria

Dry Cocktails and Pizza in Milan may not qualify as an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria, but the food's not to be missed – even though the restaurant itself is easy to overlook because it has no signage. But even as the pizza menu reflects the Neapolitan style, the cocktail menu features drinks straight out of America's Prohibition era, many based on gin and whiskey.

Read more at Pizza Without Borders.


The Early Dinner Club

Seniors love pizza, too, but they may not be crazy about the crowds that assemble in your pizzeria during the dinner rush. Create "club cards" to entice local senior groups to eat at your restaurant between the hours of 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on any day of the week. Offer a 15% discount off the check to seniors who present the card during those hours. Ask them to fill out a short-form application to receive the card – you'll be able to capture their key contact info and add them to your mailing list. Plus, the application can serve as proof of membership if they lose their cards. Make sure you ask for proof of their age – this will be flattering and promote good will! Allow anyone over 55 to qualify for membership.

Tom Feltenstein, "501 Killer Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales, Maximize Profits and Stomp Your Competition."

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