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PMQ Live Marketing Masters: David Fischer’s Secrets of Great Food Photography

Food photographer David Fischer joins PMQ Publisher Steve Green in this installment of PMQ Live Marketing Masters. Fischer, who has shot thousands of food photos for Round Table Pizza, gives his best advice on taking pictures that attract attention to your pizza. He even explains the realities and behind-the scene secrets of photographing mouth-watering cheese pulls!

“[Ask yourself] what is the purpose of the photograph: What am I trying to say? Am I trying to say it’s juicy? Am I trying to say that it has a lot of mushrooms?” Fischer says. “Come up with an actual sentence and be clear to yourself about what you are trying to say, and then take the photograph…Then, if you would like, you can throw a headline on your photograph, and when the two work together, it’s magic. That’s called advertising.”

Watch the full interview below!