(Press Release), New York, NY, October 28, 2013 —  On the go, away from the computer, or simply no Wi-Fi access – never fear, there is now a way to get that pizza you crave ordered and on its way.

MyPizza.com, the easiest way to order delicious pizza online, is proud to announce the launch of its new iPhone app, bringing the full functionality of the popular website to users’ mobile phones. Customers will be able to search, find and order from thousands of the best local pizza restaurants across the country.

“I’m very excited about our iPhone app because it allows us to maintain our status as the easiest way to order pizza online,” says MyPizza.com Founder Ilir Sela. “In fact, we worked diligently to find a way for an order to be placed with less than 5 taps, in some cases, and I’m proud to say we succeeded in achieving that goal with our app.”

Signing up for an account when ordering is optional and so is a credit card, since MyPizza.com allows for orders to be placed by cash or credit and without the hassle of having to log in each time. In addition to the service being completely free to the user, MyPizza.com has exclusive deals with many restaurants, bringing the customer savings that they would be unable to find elsewhere.

The original goal of MyPizza.com was to give independent pizza restaurants the ability to take online orders like the larger chain restaurants do. With the release of the mobile app, this is expanded even further, not allowing the chains to dominate the market in apps. Currently the website processes thousands of orders per day in all fifty states and expects to see a significant up-tick in orders when the app goes live.

“We are now finding that nearly 40% of our visits come from iOS devices with the majority of those being from the iPhone” continues Ilir. “As a result, we should be able to increase the amount of orders we generate for all of these great local restaurants by a considerable amount.”

Pizza restaurants can join MyPizza.com completely free. In exchange they get the marketing power of a national brand, an online ordering system, a free website and various other marketing opportunities. Restaurants only pay a low, flat fee when they receive an order. This is a boon for local pizzerias that might not have otherwise been able to set up an ordering system for their loyal customers.


Since 2010, MyPizza.com, the easiest way to order pizza online, has been all about connecting hungry customers with the great pizza restaurants around them. Today, more people than ever are experiencing the benefits of the free and easy MyPizza.com ordering applications with access to thousands of independent pizza menus. For hungry customers it provides a quick and easy way to place orders with the best local pizza restaurants. For pizza restaurants it provides an effortless and complete online ordering solution, fully interactive menu and marketing services to attract new customers. MyPizza.com is a privately held company based in the "pizza capital of the world,” New York City.

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