Connecticut-based Zuppardi’s Apizza has a new food truck—and it’s only for slices.

The Zuppardi’s Mobile Slice Shop is a sibling to the legendary pizzeria’s other truck, the Zupp’s Truck. But whereas the latter is designed for whole New Haven-style pies made on the spot, the new one has been equipped to serve lots and lots of individual slices, which will be premade and reheated in a convection oven, according to the New Haven Register.

Zuppardi’s announced the new vehicle’s debut in mid-March on social media. The Mobile Slice Shop is meant to bring in business from colleges and universities, entertainment venues and other hospitality groups. “Our continuous goal is to provide our family’s pizza to as many customers as we can, while upholding the standard of our 90-year legacy,” the post stated.

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Jim Ormrod, the great grandson of Zuppardi’s founder Dominic Zuppardi, runs Zuppardi’s mobile operations. He told the Register that he had to turn down offers because the Zupps Truck couldn’t produce slices at a sufficient volume. After all, college students at a concert want to grab a quick slice, not a whole pie.

this is a photo of several slices of pizza, with a pepperoni slice in the foreground, all in paper plates

Zuppardi’s Apizza / Facebook

“I noticed right now there’s a lot of demand for that at the colleges,” Ormrod told the Register. “I’ve had some interest from some of the music venues in the past about the truck. And because it’s booked with catering and because it’s not designed to do that, I had to kind of turn a lot of that stuff away. So [the slice truck] will be able to handle that.”

Founded in 1934, Zuppardi’s is one of the country’s oldest pizzerias and a member of PMQ’s Pizza Hall of Fame. Dominic started the business, originally called Salerno’s Bakery, then turned the reins over to his son, Anthony Zuppardi, after suffering a stroke. Anthony began expanding the menu and gave the shop its new name in 1947.

Zuppardi’s currently has three locations as well as the two mobile operations.

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