Michele and Chris Meyer, owners of Zoe’s Pizzeria in Waunakee, Wisconsin, want to do their part to create a healthier planet for their children, starting with a long-term carbon-neutral strategy for their restaurant.

Zoe’s, which operates two electric cars for pizza delivery, recently got a boost from WPPI Energy, a non-profit wholesale electricity provider headquartered in nearby Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Through Waunakee Utilities, WPPI recently donated $2,000 to help Zoe’s install a pair of Energy Star-certified Level 2 chargers for their electric vehicles, according to the Waunakee Tribune.

The two Chevy Bolts each have a 250-mile range and are charged each evening for the following day’s deliveries. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Chevy Bolts can save their owners up to $5,000 in fuel costs over five years.

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“We have two children, Madi and Sam, so [going green] is personal for us, and we want to leave this world in better shape than we found it,” Chris Meyer told the Waunakee Tribune. “One small way we can have an impact is to go carbon-neutral with Zoe’s, and we’re excited to be taking steps to make that happen.”

Specializing in New York-style and Milwaukee pub-style pizzas, Zoe’s offers five crust types, including hand-tossed, thin, cracker-thin, stone-milled thin and gluten-free. The pizzeria also offers a vegan special made with non-dairy mozzarella from Follow Your Heart, meat-free sausage from Impossible Foods, mushrooms and green peppers.

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