Zimini Launches New One-to-One Marketing Software Allowing Local and Online Businesses to Create and Launch Targeted Promotions and Offers

Zimini marketing software drives sales for local and online merchants with geographic and interest-based targeting tools

(CHICAGO – June 7, 2007) – Zimini (, a new leader in the field of targeted promotions, today launches Zimini – a free software application that allows merchants and marketers to create coupons, promotions, and special offers that are delivered directly to the consumer’s desktop.

Promotions and coupons can be created and launched within Zimini.  By providing Zimini with information about their business location, target customer, and the text and layout of their offer, a merchant can create and launch a Zimini promotion in less than 10 minutes.  Zimini allows businesses to create their own promotions quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Zimini is scalable to businesses with one to thousands of locations.

“With our robust set of geographic, demographic, and interest – based targeting tools, merchants can identify those consumers most likely to be interested in and users of their product or service,” states Robert Carlton, CEO and Founder of Zimini.  “Online merchants can utilize Zimini’s robust targeting capabilities to drive customers with specific demographics to their Web sites. Brick-and-mortar businesses can use Zimini to drive traffic to their physical storefront and benefit from the cost-savings and revolutionary geographic targeting capabilities of Zimini.” 

In addition to its patent-pending geographic targeting tools, Zimini provides several other benefits for merchants, including pre-written legal disclaimers for promotions and coupons and the ability to limit coupon distribution to those potential customers who meet the merchant’s geographic and demographic profile.  Because Zimini does not utilize email, merchants do not need to worry about CAN-SPAM legislation and the risks of managing customer emails and data when using this powerful tool.  Merchants can embed a clickable Internet link and telephone number in their promotion.  Zimini also provides powerful tools to manage, track, and repeat successful promotions.  

Promotions are priced at a flat rate of $49.95 per promotion. Zimini’s digital coupons and promotions can run for up to 60 days, can be scheduled to begin up to 60 days in the future and auto-expire on the promotion end-date to mitigate the risk of consumers presenting expired coupons to the merchant.

For more information or to download the free software application, businesses can visit, or contact Zimini at


About Zimini:

Zimini is dedicated to providing the best digital communication and marketing tools to merchants and consumers.  Zimini’s targeted marketing and communications campaigns provide both on–line and off-line merchants with highly relevant, targeted advertising that delivers measurable results while protecting consumer privacy and enhancing users’ ability to find useful, actionable information on the internet.  Zimini is based near Chicago, Illinois and can be found on the internet at