Ziglar Corporation Unites Legendary Strategies with Real-world Performance Solutions

(Addison, Texas)  March 27, 2007 – What could single-handedly change more lives than Zig Ziglar has in a career that spans more than five decades?

If you ask him, you may be surprised to hear the answer. 

“My son, Tom, is our President and CEO,” the senior Ziglar says. “He has an amazing vision for the company. His ability to relate to other CEOs allows him to create solutions that drive to the heart of internal and external workplace challenges. The new Ziglar Corporation could easily influence and change more lives – and in half the time.”

After more than 50 years of service to individuals and corporations, Zig Ziglar is passing the torch to his son, Tom Ziglar, and son-in-law, Richard Oates, who will lead Ziglar Corporation into the next era. The corporation will still make available its world-class speakers; however, the offering now includes human resource and training resources that improve productivity and performance.

“We’ve always existed to make lives better and to help others achieve their dreams and goals,” Zig Ziglar says. “By taking our life-changing programs and uniting those with one-of-a-kind corporate relationship-management technology, the corporation could touch many more lives than I have in my career. That makes me happy.”

The baton pass punctuates the corporation’s new focus – improving employee performance. Just two years ago, Tom conceived of an employee-leadership relationship management system that offers built-in accountability. Since that time, the corporation has strengthened its reach into Fortune 500 companies in many industries.

“If a company is experiencing intense change related to employee performance, we can offer relief,” says Richard Oates, Ziglar Corporation VP and COO. “We work with executives in some of the largest corporations in America who are dealing with tough issues such as layoffs, employee retention challenges, employee malaise, and internal chaos resulting from growth.”

The legacy of Zig Ziglar lives on in Ziglar Corporation. The best of Ziglar solutions remain available. Through the new focus on True Performance, these solutions combine with technology to make them robust and portable.

“We’re helping transform the way employees and managers work together to achieve performance goals. The result has been a substantial increase in return on training dollars invested,” Tom Ziglar says. “Today’s corporations manage to the bottom line, and our corporation intends to help managers make faster decisions that will efficiently and easily move them toward their goals. We guarantee that our programs improve productivity and performance. You can bet that if it is has anything to do with people, we have a solution for it.”

And, what is next for Mr. Zig Ziglar, the world’s greatest motivational speaker?

 “I’m stepping outside the day-to-day operations of the corporation, but don’t count me out,” says the senior Ziglar. “At 80 years young, I’ll continue speaking, writing books, and sharing my belief that you can have everything you want if you help others get what they want.”

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