Yowza!! Launches Self-Serve Mobile Couponing for Local Retailers and Restaurants

LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2010 – Yowza!! (www.getyowza.com) has today launched a self-serve sign-up option that brings the power of mobile coupons to small businesses that haven’t before had the opportunity to take advantage of this growing trend.  Now, any restaurant, store or other local business owner can sign up for Yowza!! and offer their customers exclusive coupons and deals the very same day. 


“Yowza!! was created as a way to help companies – from national chains with major budgets and thousands of locations to local family-owned retailers with one storefront – bring savings to their customers, and attract new ones, at costs much lower than paper coupons,” said Greg Grunberg, co-creator of Yowza!! and star of television series Heroes.  “With this new self sign-up option, we have taken an important step towards our goal of becoming heroes to not only Wall Street but also Main Street USA.  Small businesses who cannot afford the infrastructure to create their own app can easily participate in the mobile coupon revolution.” 


Using Yowza!! has never been easier:


  • Retailers, restaurants and other merchants looking to offer consumers special deals can sign up at https://getyowza.com/learn/merchant, list their location and then present their offers to the world in just minutes, from any computer with an Internet connection. 


  • Consumers looking for shopping or dining ideas can download Yowza!!, search for deals by location – via city, zip code, or using a mobile device’s GPS functionality to find offers within one, five, 15, 25 or 50 miles from their current location – and retrieve a coupon that can be redeemed in moments. 


  • Cashiers or waiters can scan the barcode or enter the coupon code that appears on the mobile device into the system just like a paper coupon, with no new technology required.   


Yowza!! Participating Retailers pay only $49 per location per month, and may change or update offers as often as they’d like with no additional fees (up to three coupons may be offered at a time). Additionally, each small business that signs up using the new self sign-up system will receive a welcome packet that includes easy instructions on how to get the most out of Yowza!!, decals to be placed in storefront windows telling consumers that mobile coupons are accepted, and a simple training guide for cashiers and other staff. 


“We know how expensive paper coupons can be – depending on the size of the city,  newspapers have been known to charge up to several hundred dollars to run one coupon for a single day,” said August Trometer, Yowza!! co-founder.  “The self sign-up option shows our commitment to make using Yowza!! as rewarding an experience as possible for our partners. They can quickly and easily target deals to nearby shoppers looking to spend money, while incurring no hidden fees, avoiding long lead times, having access to advanced analytics and maintaining full control over their offers, including expiration date, usage limits and more.” 


About Yowza!!

Launched in June 2009, Yowza!! is a free and innovative mobile couponing application designed to save consumers money and stimulate retail business.  Downloaded by over one million users since its launch on Apple’s iTunes application store last year, and also available to an additional four million users via the free WHERE application on the Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android, Yowza!! provides consumers with deals and discounts while also giving businesses the ability to monitor performance on an up-to-the-minute basis.


Yowza!! was founded by television and film writer/producer/actor Greg Grunberg (currently starring in NBC’s Heroes) and technology entrepreneur August Trometer.  Unlike traditional forms of couponing such as newspaper ads and insertions, the paperless Yowza!! offers are inexpensive to implement, environmentally-friendly, can be updated instantly, and can be targeted per region or particular store location. 


For more information, visit www.getyowza.com or www.twitter.com/yowza